Top 5 Affordable Instant Showerheads You Can Buy In Kenya.

lady in shower

There’s a reason why people always suggest a “HOT SHOWER” as a remedy for just about anything, from terrible migraines to work stress and even for the common flu.

The key to having the best showers is to secure a good quality showerhead. One that will not only have you ripping the benefits of steamy hot showers but also last long giving you value for money spent.

You don’t have to break the bank to get a good quality shower head.

Below are the top 5 affordable instant showers as rated by our customers:

#5.  Lorenzetti Maxi Ducha 3T


Lorenzetti Maxi Ducha 3T Ultra Instant Shower heater for hot water


#4. Lorenzetti Maxi Ducha 4T


# 3.  Enerducha 3T


#2. Lorenzetti Loren Bello

#1. Enerbras 4T